“Oil runs through our veins and fuels our Rebel Souls” ~ Cher Bell
Rebel Girl Angel
Rebel Girl
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New Baltimore, MI 48047
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About Us

 Meet Cher, designer, artist and a Native Detroiter for over 50 years with 3 grown children. Owned and operated 3 successful business in Michigan. Her trademarked brands evolved over 30 years in the industry. Knowing it would be tough breaking into a mostly male dominated industry didn't stop Cher. Her passion, determination and perseverance prevailed, she was a Woman on a mission on a motorcycle. Rebel Girl® brand is available for wholesale and licensee.

Our Brands

Our Americana Brands proudly represent what our company stands for. We are more than a name, logo, product or service. Our Brands are an Attitude, Our Way of Life, Our Passion, Our way of doing things, behaving and communicating. Our labels are a constant expression of who we are as a company both visually and verbally.
We’re not always politically correct and sometimes we make our own rules. We create our own fashion statements. We create products that stand the test of time.

Our Mission
As our company grows, our mission and values do not change. We are here to inspire and educate people to become strong…mind, body, and spirit.

“Oil runs through our veins and fuels our Rebel Souls” ~Cher Bell
The Beginning 
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